Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

The good and bad of sacroiliac pain! The good? This is a relatively easy issue to fix with time and exercise. The bad? It hurts, it is uncomfortable and you just want it to go away!!

Basically it is muscle tightness that is causing your pain and we need to figure out a way to loosen up those muscles and free you of the pain.

On another note if you are one that sits at a desk all day you will want to follow these techniques. I sat at a desk for years with no issues then it eventually caught up with me. Some things I ended up doing were making sure my ergonomics were perfect. I would also set a timer to go off ever 20 minutes and I force my self to go through a sequence of stretches and other movements to keep things loose and moving.

That typically consisted of standing up and doing 10 air squats, reaching over head and bending side to side then bending backwards. I would also back up to a wall and pin my back to it and raise my arms. That was more for the shoulders. I would also do some basic touch toe stretches.

Instead of reinventing the wheel follow the techniques below in this video. You will want to try this when you have more time and some space.

On a side not many people ask about supplements for this. Supplements can help with aches and joint pains, but your first response should always be stretching and some specific exercises.

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