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  • Joint pains or muscle aches can be quite a disturbing experience. Nearly all of us have suffered from small joint pains or aches in our lives. But sometimes the pain can be excruciating, causing problems in your daily lives. One such joint pain that can really hinder your day to day progress is the joint pain of middle finger. Finger joint pain mostly occurs due to injury taken in real time, however sometimes the causes can be certain health problems. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to immediately treat your finger for pain and prevent any further damage to the joints. Following are some guidelines regarding finger joint pains.


  • In order to prevent or treat the finger joint pain, it is important to detect the problem first. The joint pain in middle finger or any of the fingers can quite easily be felt; still any pain in the finger doesn’t mean it’s a joint pain. If you suffer from finger joint pain, you will probably feel tingling or numbing sensations in your fingers. You may even feel sharp pain when trying to use the particular finger in effect. But do not worry; finger joint pain does not render your hand useless at all.

Common Causes

Joint pains can become a part of your life if you do not take care of your health. The joint pain of the finger particularly comes into action mostly due to real life injuries. Finger joint pain can also occur for a number of other different reasons listed below:

How To Prevent/Treat Middle Finger Joint Pain

  • Finger joint pain easily goes away over time, however sometimes it can tend to stay around for quite a while. If you suffer for finger joint pain for more than three days, you are probably going to need to get it treated. There are different ways to get your joint pain treated. You can either use homemade methods to prevent pain and treat the pain, or visit your general practitioner for advice. Here are some of the common actions you can take to prevent pain or further injury to your fingers at home:

Avoid Stressing Activities

  • Fingers are used several hundred times a day. You cannot simply go through your day without using the set of your fingers so it is nearly impossible to stop using fingers to avoid pain. However, you can prevent damage to the finger joint that is suffering from pain by making less use of it. You should avoid heavy lifting from the fingers at all costs and also avoid typing on a computer keyboard for periods extending 45 minutes. At each 45 interval, take a break and give your fingers some rest.

Do Stretching Exercises

  • If you suffer from a finger joint pain due to some physical injury, you can easily prevent further damage and heal your finger joints over time. In order to get your fingers back in the game, try some homemade finger stretching exercises. These exercises are designed to help you give some breathing to your fingers especially if you use a computer a lot. When doing these stretching exercises, try not to exert too much force. Just gently perform these exercises for two or three times daily.

Don’t Use Pain Killers

  • When suffering from any kind of joint or muscle pain, a lot of us tend to use pain killers to bring relief back in our lives. What we don’t realize is that pain killers only tend to mask the pain temporarily and do not actually treat it. This causes us to over exert the joint without realizing because there is no pain or any sharp sensation to stop us. So whenever there is a joint pain in your fingers, avoid using masking pain killers, instead try to keep your fingers free from over exertion.


Middle finger joint pain can easily be dealt with the above methods. However, if none of the methods are working, you are probably suffering from a serious problem. In case of serious problems, you should immediately pay a visit to your general practitioner for advice. Remember; only visit your doctor if the pain doesn’t go away for more than 2 weeks.

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